I took our car in for a checkup yesterday. It’s running fine. But it’s also almost 30 years old and is subject to neglect. I took it to an expert. Someone who lives and breathes all the things automotive that I don’t. They gave me items to do in the short term, as well as the long term items I should plan for.

I work in real estate because it’s a way to help people. Of all the ways I can serve those people, there’s one that’s under-utilized.


I’m going to be bold here.

You’re worth it.

If I know I can help add value to your life and fail to offer it up, then that’s my fault for missing the opportunity.

If you own a home, I would love to pop by sometime this year to chat. Not necessarily about selling it now, though one day you will definitely want to (even if that’s twenty years from now).

And that’s kind of the point.

You can wait until the last minute to have those conversations, or we can chat a little along the way so you get a chance to enjoy your home to the fullest in the meantime.

  • what’s working for you
  • what’s not working for you
  • ideas for improvement
  • design/decor
  • items of concern
  • values in your area
  • vendor recommendations


15 years in this business gives me a great vantage point to look at each unique situation. If you’d like to connect, you can reach out right now and we’ll get a date on the calendar to visit. I can bring coffee. Low key. I’m here to help.

Two last items.

If you already have a beloved agent, call them. Otherwise, I’d love the privilege.

And lastly, there’s research out there that suggests that many people pick a real estate agent largly based on who calls them back first. That’s how Zillow stays in business—by selling leads.

I’d rather be the guide who has been there all along.


Thanks for stopping by!