Preferably French pressed, and even better still—try sitting across the table from me and we can share it.

Even if you’re months away from getting started, let’s meet up now. I’m not just trying to make new friends (though I’m lucky to say that often happens). Knowing about you helps me to better guide and advise.

Homebuying is more than an app can handle. Zillow does quite well parsing data, but your individual story is far less quantifiable.

  • social needs
  • commuting
  • education options
  • timing
  • renting vs buying
  • aesthetics
  • accessibility
  • future-proofing
  • lifestyle
  • hobbies
  • financial goals
  • resources needed
  • renovation options

Considerations like these compose a nuance I love. You’re looking at a guy with a passion for strategy, art, design and growth.

What brought you to this point?
What does your life look like right now?
Where are you heading?

I’d love to help you on that journey.