The food was great.
The conversation was better.

I met up recently for dinner with a couple looking to buy their first home. We talked for a solid couple hours. Knowing the back-stories helps me be a better guide.

These two are smart and motivated. They’ve been scouring all the sites looking for properties, and they already have a good feel for their price point and the process.

For nearly 15 years, I’ve watched technology move into the real estate market. Despite some of the fear-mongering you might hear, the internet-of-things has changed the housing market for the better in most ways. Access to raw data and search tools has never been better. Options abound.

But two factors won’t change.


The human elements.

Less quantifiable, and yet they underpin all real estate transactions. When we’re talking about large assets and the walls in which our lives are lived, you can see how both could be wildly volatile.

Power might say to you that it’s a seller’s market, and you’ll have to pay full-price. This might not be true.
Emotion might tell you to hold back from making that final offer, because sometimes the fear of the unknown is more persuasive than the truth.

Which is why this couple reached out to me for guidance. They realized (after a near misstep with a previous house) that emotions had played a larger role than they’d anticipated.

Of all the services I offer as a real estate broker, the most important one is perspective. The experience to read moments and clear paths.

If someone you care about is just now considering buying or selling a home, know that I’d love to meet up with them before they get started.

Thanks for being here. It means a lot!