10 Nov The Approaching Storm

Aaaaah. Beach weather. As the autumn temps finally arrive in Lexington, so does the urge to plan a winter getaway. Timing is everything, right? While I can't predict how many days of awesome weather we'll get on a trip to the coast, I think about overall trends for...

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08 Sep Go East.

If our lives are stories, I'd like to suggest that we get our characters out from their comfortable places. Like a journey from left to right on the movie screen. Like turning the pages of an epic novel. Go east. Your character was made for an adventure. I started...

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05 Sep Inspired Spaces

I'm not an interior designer. I am OBSESSED with the craft, though. Mad respect to all you professionals. But as someone with expertise in real estate and a passion for all things creative, I'd like to offer you some practical advice I believe will make for...

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