I’ve dusted off my blogging keys. I made a new Spotify playlist (big commitment…lol) for background mood (it’s collaborative, so feel free to help populate it HERE).

In resisting the urge to over-explain and make too many plans for this blog, I’ll just get started. That’s a hard thing to do when faced with a blank white screen. Maybe you can relate?

Future writing here is based on a few beliefs:

    1. Happiness springs from meaning.
    2. Meaning can be found in the acts of creating, caring and reaching.
    3. Life is full of people doing exactly those things—Makers, Helpers and Dreamers.
    4. If we’re all on journeys searching for meaning and happiness, why not compare notes?


Why launch this on my real estate site? I started East of Elm with more than houses in mind.

Because People>Transactions.

Guiding folks in pivotal moments tends to bond us in a weird, awesome way. Clients-turned-friends. I love it.

I’ll be writing about my own journey, but I’ll be sharing some of their stories, too. To shine a light on the Makers, Helpers and Dreamers among and within us.

Thanks for your time. I promise I’ll always value it and work to give you good reasons to keep coming back.